What’s In My Backpack?!

Welcome! Now, I’ve been quite excited to do this tag for a while as I love reading these kinds of posts myself! The lovely Rosie tagged me on twitter and she’s also done a post which you should definitely check out HERE! These posts please me because I feel like in some weird way they kinda bring us all together and make us realise that sometimes our bags are just full of shit.. Sometimes (like mine).


The bag itself is a backpack, and I do get alot of people ask me why on earth I have a backpack and in all honesty, backpacks are so underrated and it enables me to have both arms and hands free, like hello? Why would I not want that? This one time I had a handbag and it made me want to throw it across the room. It’s cute and it’s practical. The bag is from accessorise, I purposely kept my eye on it and got it in the sale.


So in the main compartment I have:

  • Nivea Lip Butter – which I put in so I would use more, where infact I now use less than before.
  • Shot glass – accidentally stolen.
  • iPhone charging cable – no use without the plug.
  • Purse.
  • 25p – will probably come into use at some point.
  • Keys – the main reason why I actually use my bag.
  • Old receipts – because it’s the first place I shove them.
  • TEASE (A primark perfume) – This is a roll on perfume, it was a gift and a handy size to keep in a bag.
  • Victoria Secret Perfume Mist – I LOVE this it smells amazing.
  • Gucci Guilty Perfume – I also love this, by far my favourite perfume, you never know when you’re gunna need it.


The second compartment isn’t as exciting, so in the front little pocket, I have:

  • Old notes, bits of paper and payslips.
  • 70p – will probably also come in handy at some point.
  • Old train tickets.
  • Eyeliner.
  • Bank cards – should be in my purse but they’re easier to reach in the front pocket.
  • Woman stuff.

What do you guys carry in your bags?!

Much love ♥


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