My January/February Wishlist | 2018

Hey friends! I thought I’d do a different kinda post today, I can’t remember the last time I actually went shopping for myself and also as a little bit to give myself a gentle reminder that I should treat myself as I have said before I am a firm believer in ‘treat yo’ self’. So take a look if you’re interested in seeing what I’m hoping to buy myself in the near future or get to know my personal style a bit more.. Or for anyone who’s interested hahah.

Lash Hero Fibre Extension Mascara

Fibre Mascara
Photo Credit: Bodyshop

Price: £12

I found out about this mascara from a different blogger and the moment I saw it and found out what it was about I fell in love. It seems as though my lash wishes have come true. This mascara has 2 ends, one is the mascara and the other has fibres, you start off with the mascara and then the fibres and end with the mascara again. Then walah! There you have it, fake eyelashes without having actual fake eyelashes. I’ll be sure to do a review on this when I get it.

Black Suedette Heeled Lace Up Boots

Photo Credit: Newlook

Price: £29.99

I especially crave these as I previously had a similar which were also from new look which I LOVED. Unfortunately I left them on holiday and were unable to get them back but I lived for these shoes. They’re the kinda shoes that you can wear with anything and they’ll go, you know? These shoes understood me.

Grey Black Contrast Raglan Sleeve Casual T-Shirt

Photo Credit: Romwe

Price: £3.64 

I love the style of this cropped t-shirt and I gotta have myself a cropped t-shirt for the spring/summer.

My only issue is that it’s from Romwe, I’ve had sizing issues with Romwe in the past but I’m willing to overlook it as I feel like I’ve learned from my mistakes and to always ALWAYS order a size up than what I normally would. So I’ll be ordering everything in a medium instead of small.

Contrast Striped Tee

Photo Credit: Romwe

Price: £4.46

This was a last minute decision. I have mixed feelings about this but I’m liking the retro vibes I’m getting from it, it’s not normally the sort of thing I’d go for but why not try something different?

Bee Print Tee

Photo Credit: Romwe

Price: £7.44

I mean, I’m all for saving the bees. That is all.

Contrast Panel Leggings

Photo Credit: Romwe

Price: £5.95

No, I don’t go to the gym but leggings are comfortable and I wear way to much grey and black so why not incorporate some red and white into the leggings I wear! I wear leggings most of the time so why shouldn’t I jazz them up a bit?

Asymmetric Striped Leggings

Photo Credit: Romwe

Price: £9.67

Now these leggings are me. I’m quite a plain person, you can’t go wrong, yet these leggings have a little uniqueness to them, a little bit of side stripe, you can’t deny you love these.

So that’s pretty much my January/February wishlist which I’d also like to treat myself to more lush products as they are SO underrated in my life believe me. If I do manage to follow up on my wishlist and get round to ordering these then I will be sure to do a haul post and a Romwe review as the last time I ordered from them it was so long ago I cant even remember.

Thanks for reading guys, if any of you HAVE used Romwe, let me know how you experience was in the comments I’d be very thankful!
Much love ♥


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