Cosy Day / Current Faves

Hey friends, I’m spending my day on the sofa so I’m going to bring you with me and we can have a sofa day together! This is perfect if the weather’s shitty outside, you’re ill or if you’re just having one of those days where you’re not even considering leaving the house (because I know we all have those days).

I am a little ill so bare with me if I’m not making much sense haha. First, you NEED to get comfy, this isn’t optional, go and grab your duvet or throws and a couple of pillows and a onesie, even reading that makes me feel 100x cosier. Next you need snacks, I’m missing out on snacks as I’m not well but normally I’d stock up on the snacks I want to munch on, I like a variety of chocolate and popcorn and sweets and all sorts but my eyes are normally always bigger than my stomach. A hot cup of tea or coffee never goes a miss either!

Once you’ve stocked up on snacks, got all cosy on the sofa (or bed wherever you feel most comfortable) then you need to find yourself some boss ass programmes and movies to watch. I’ve binge-watched Stranger Things and Girlboss and omg, girls you are seriously missing out if you haven’t watched Girlboss on Netflix. Stranger Things I’m not even going to get started on because you won’t get me to stop but I highly recommend these.

But! A cosy day isn’t just all about TV and Netflix if that’s not what you’re into, there’s always the option of Playstation/Xbox/ Whatever consoles are out. I love to play some classic sims on the PS4 and I love to just browse blogs and get to know how I can make mine better.

And you’re set! Feel free to lounge about for as long as you can! I’m a firm believer in treating yourself, we all need a rest at some point. How do you do your duvet days and what shows are you into at the minute?

Much love ♥

4 thoughts on “Cosy Day / Current Faves

  1. Haha this sounds fantastic! When I spend days on the couch I like getting a bowl of chips or popcorn and getting in that mode where I don’t even realize I’m eating them, it’s just automatic lol. I recently finished Stranger Things and need a new show to watch.

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      1. I saw the first couple of episode of Black Mirror a few months ago and haven’t gone back…yet. The first episode really shook me up haha. Trying to build the courage to keep watching.

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