Crimbo Limbo Vibes… A Chit Chat

Hey guys! Oh how I envy those of you who have Christmas off. I’d never heard of the whole ‘Crimbo Limbo’ saying before I heard it on the radio the other day and I thought it was amazing. Crimbo Limbo is the time after Christmas and before New Years. So I wanted to do a little post on it considering I can’t get it out my head. In all honesty this post doesn’t really have a purpose, just a little chit chat so grab yourself a beverage and some biccys (because that’s what I’d do) and sit along for a read.

I’ve been reading some posts on people’s times off during the holidays and I must say I am hugely jealous. Lots of food and relaxing or getting drunk and having a merry ol’ time, I can’t think of anything better. I love Christmas, I do. But this year after it was over I couldn’t wait to be gone with it and welcome in the new year with a nice clean flat. So that’s what I’ve done today is take down my decorations and given the flat a good clean.

I feel like this post is a little over the place but we’ll roll with it it’s ok. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas spent with your loved ones friends and family and will have a fantastic new year.

Christmas Eve was pretty chill, I had the day off with my boyf and we just slobbed and binge watched stranger things which I must say has SHOOK me, we also went to his parents and spent time with his family. (I told myself I wasn’t going to make the over rated Christmas post but it looks like it’s going that way lmao). On Christmas Day I had work, which wasn’t too bad as I was done relatively early so managed to get to my parents around 1pm. We done the classic opening our presents and playing board games but after about an hour I was so shattered and exhausted, probably because I’d worn myself out with all of the excitement. Nevertheless I had an amazing time though I have been shattered ever since.

My boyfriend and I got back to the flat quite late and we had our own little Christmas there where we opened our presents from each other. After everything had been opened and done with I was laying in bed and I just felt sad, was I sad because it was over? Was I sad because it suddenly dawned on me that I was getting older and that soon it’d be a new year and that’s one less year I have??!!?! So the next day I felt pretty meh and carried on working.

All is good though, the new year is coming and there’s going to be so much good stuff happening that I’m excited for and looking forwards to. I’ll probably do a separate post on my new year plans but we’ll see.


Anyway, that’s been my past few days in the crimbo limbo feeling quite lost and happy and sad and going through all the emotions.

How was your Christmas and what do you have planned for New Year’s Eve/ New Years?

Much love ♥



2 thoughts on “Crimbo Limbo Vibes… A Chit Chat

  1. Crimbo Limbo! Finally a term for this weird week between Christmas and New Years. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older but Christmas feels a little less special every year. It will never be like how it was when I was a kid. I was ready for it to be over too by the end of Christmas day.

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