My First Christmas Tree

Hey guys! So it’s Christmas eve… I’m looking at my Christmas tree thinking ‘wow, this is my actual first Christmas not at my parents house. I’ve got my own Christmas tree’. Like yeah I’m not going to lie it’s not a real tree but I still got to decorate it and put my presents under it. It’s not much at all but it’s a first!

So I’ve made this post mainly for myself to look back on in the future. When I’m 40 years old (hopefully still blogging? haha) and think back to my very first christmas tree as moving out from my parents was a milestone in life I couldn’t wait to achieve. No I don’t hate them, I just couldn’t wait to move out.

So on to the juicy stuff, the tree is about 4 ft 5. It’s smaller than me. I was strapped for cash, like I said it’s my first Christmas in the flat, so luckily my good friend had a tree she was getting rid of (what timing!). Some baubles came with it and other baubles I got from The Range which are bells, and they’re sparkly. The lights were already mine I had stolen them from my mum when I moved out. The tinsel I’d gotten from The Range also, dirt cheap may I add. We did have tree chocolates but my boyfriend has sniffed them all out already and eaten them so we only have candy canes left which I’ve got from Poundland.

The car bauble at the top is my favourite and it’s been through hell with me already. It’s so cute I had to get it! It’s simply just a red car with a Christmas tree on top of it. £2 from Tiger I needed it. The day I got it home I nearly accidentally tipped the tree over, don’t ask, and the bauble fell from the top of the tree on the floor and smashed into nearly a million pieces! So it’s currently still at the top just half of it missing and the biggest pieces taped together. Atleast it tells a story… right? Oh and also I’ve looked everywhere for a star and I cannot find one anywhere! so that’s that.

Oh I forgot to add, while I was in Poundland getting the candycanes I came across the most adorable inflatable reindeer and if you say you don’t like inflatables, you’re lying. Everyone loves an inflatable they’re so fun and there’s no way I was missing out on this one for £1!!!

So there’s my not so much glamorous tree, but I love it!

Christmas Tree    Christmas Tree 2

Much love♥

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