My Winter Routine 2017

Hey guys! So I’m going to get straight to the point and walk you through my winter evening routine after I finish work. I love the cold, though I’m not a fan of the whole not being able to feel your fingers thing, there’s nothing better than being snug in the warm knowing how shitty it is outside.

So I get in from work which is a 30 minute walk away and shut out the bitterness cold, throw my mittens off and whack the heating on. I then head straight to the shower to warm my bones up (should really treat myself to a bath more often). After showering for as long as the hot water lasts, as now I’m warmed up there’s no way I’m prepared to get out. I get out and sort my shit out and throw on the warm clothes that are staring at me on the bed, which are normally my joggers, my boyfriends top and my slipper boots.

My evenings really aren’t that interesting, after I’ve sorted myself out I just tidy up from the night before if it hasn’t been done already and then get on with some chores which include the laundry, dishwasher and some cleaning. Oh, and feeding the fish, can’t forget the fish. Don’t want to kill the fish. Once my chores are done I make myself a tea and get out the biscuits, turn the tree lights on and light a Christmas candle because who doesn’t like Christmas candles to get yourself in the mood for Christmas, right?? I get myself the throw and a pillow and snuggle up on the sofa and turn on a tv series I’m watching (currently drifters) and go through social media/blog.

not long after, the boyfriend comes in and I cook dinner, occasionally we eat out/ go for a cinema date but most days I cook. Roasts are my favourite. When the boyfriend comes in we just have a cosy night in cuddled up watching tv and eating shit, sometimes I’ll bake a cake or something but lately it’s been gingerbread men (yummy).

What is your winter routine and if you’re a fan of Christmas what’s your favourite Christmas movie? Mines Love Actually (overrated answer haha)

Much love ♥

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