5 Reasons Why I Like To Blog

Everyone has their own personal reasons on why they like to blog. So here are my 5 reasons on why I like to blog:

  1. I can be 110% completely honest with what I write without worrying about who’s going to read it or what anyone thinks about it. Because my blog is anonymous I have no worries if anyone if my real life stumbles upon it on the internet. Which brings me onto my second reason;
  2. It’s not like a diary but it kind of is at the same time? Having a blog is different because it’s not like someone can go through your things and find your blog in your bag, or in your drawers. I’ve had diaries before as always been so paranoid someone will find them and leak all my secrets or torture me by sharing it with others.
  3. It’s the BEST kind of therapy. What I’ve experienced so far is that, why would you need therapy when you can have a blog? Spending my time here it’s opened my eyes so much. I’m not the only one going through thing’s on my own. Others experience it too and it settles me so much just knowing that. This also leads me onto my fourth reason;
  4. You can rant as much as you want and it’s ok because no one can get bored of you. And what I mean by this is, if people want to read they can. Where as I find if you’re ranting to a friend or someone they might get bored and you feel you can’t rant to them. Whereas, on your blog you can let it ALL out, you may even find someone feels exactly the same.
  5. The community is so friendly. That’s why I love WordPress. Everyone is so lovely and close and you really get to know people, and communicate with them. You can relate with people so much and I thin it’s so lovely that the community is so lovely.

Thank you for reading my lovelies x

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Like To Blog

  1. Yeah, exactly! These are my thoughts 🙂 You’re right about the community. Also, we’re always here to support you and we’d NEVER get bored, so you don’t have to worry about that.

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